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E-cloth (Norwex) – A Few Benefits To Using Professional Grade Microfiber

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I recently got an email with some questions concerning Norwex & E-cloth, how they worked and where they were manufactured.  Here is my response to the email:

Norwex is made in China and E-cloth is made in mainly in Korea.  The “microfiber” technology is very advanced in Asia.  When it comes to textiles, Asian countries have far superior quality than any where else in the world.  We can’t compare to them here in the States.

Norwex® is e-cloth’s biggest competitor® (or is it the other way around? :)  The both came into existence in the mid ’90’s are are very common in Europe – always have been.  They are almost identical in performance.  Some reviews say that e-cloth preforms better than Norwex (or Enjo).  The biggest difference is price!  E-cloth is much easier on the budget.  MyEcloth ship worldwide too :) has the fastest shipping times of all retailers of e-cloths, usually shipped within 24 hrs of receiving the order if not the same day.  We also are one of the only places to get the full Professional line with silver embedded.

The way e-cloths perform is really hard for Americans to grasp because we are so used to chemicals and the “smell” of clean that marketing has had us believe.  Traditional Americans use chemicals to kill bacteria on contact, hoping they really are killed.  And then using paper towels or cotton towels to try and wipe up.  Neither work well at removing residue.

E-cloth’s work by actually removing the bacteria, grime, dirt, and grease residue from the surface. No more hoping and depending on a chemical to kill everything it touches… do you always take the time to wait for the chemical to work?!  That is way you only need water, because the cloth itself will remove over 99% of all bacteria from your surface. The silver embedded into the cloth dramatically inhibits the bacteria growth within the cloth itself in between laundering it.

The Glass and Polish cloth also removes 99% of all bacteria.  It replaces Windex® and actually works better.  Windex starts to build up over time and that is why you can’t clean in the sunshine and the window or mirrow never looks like it did when it was new.  There is a hint of residue.  You will notice a HUGE difference with the Polish cloth. No residue (unless you are scrubbing off the left over residue from previous chemicals).  The chrome in your bathroom will shine, your granite counter tops will look brand new without those frustrating water spots and the stainless steel appliances stay spotless.  Get rid of that nasty stainless polish that stinks SO bad.

I’ll mention one more benefit (there are many more I could talk about  :)  Since there is no chemical/soap residue, the surface will stay cleaner for longer.  That residue attracts the dirt in the air and doesn’t stay clean very long.  At first I didn’t understand how something could stay cleaner, longer… if my lifestyle is the same… but now it makes sense why it’s true.  It really is!


Are You Frustrated With Norwex Prices? Do They Feel Like A Scam?

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Everyone is wondering if Norwex is a scam and

WHY are the Norwex prices SO high…

The product really is amazing.  Removes over 99% of bacteria from your hard surfaces. The Antibac Norwex cloth has silver embedded into it’s fibers and cleans exceptionally well.

Did you catch the coupon code at the end?   Sah-weet deal!

So why are people feeling scammed?

Because their prices are SO high.

Below Are Some Examples Of The New Norwex Prices…

1. Silver Embedded

  • Norwex antibac cloth (with silver costs) $16.99.
  • Antibacterial cloth (Professional E-Cloths) over at MyEcloth costs $11.99. That’s a full $5 difference in price between two cloths that both do the same job of picking up more than 99% of bacteria with just water.

Norwex antibac cloth costs 42% more than an e-cloth® antibacterial cloth.  Is Norwex a ripoff? maybe…

2. Cleaning Paste

  • Norwex Cleaning Paste: costs $31.99 for 6.7 oz, which works out to $4.73 per oz.
  • Universal Stein, sold by e-cloth: costs $29.95 for 17 oz, which works out to $1.76 per oz.
  • Shaklee Scour-Off™ Heavy Duty Paste:  costs $8.10 for 9 oz, which works out to $0.90 oer oz. That’s a difference of $3.83 per oz between two products that do the same job! This means that for an equivalent 6.7 oz, you’re paying $25.66 more for Norwex.

Is Norwex a ripoff? maybe…

3. Detergent

  • Norwex sells a low-phosphate (3%) laundry detergent, and in 2011 it came in a 2kg bag for $29.99. That changed, and now it only comes in a 1kg bag for $21.99.

At first you thought that Norwex detergent is cheaper than before, but if you take into account the smaller bag size, the newer price for an equivalent 2kg of detergent is $43.98.
This is a 46.6% price increase. Is Norwex a ripoff? maybe…

4. Enzyme Cleaner

  • Norwex sells several very effective enzyme-based cleaners that have been repackaged in smaller bottles for 2012.

Again, the prices seem lower, but they have actually increased.
Is Norwex a ripoff? maybe….

DeScaler for Limescale and Rust
2011 – 500ml for $37.99 (7.6 cents per ml)
2012 – 350ml for $31.99 (8.6 cents per ml)
13% price increase.

Carpet Stain Buster
2011 – 500ml for $32.99 (6.5 cents per ml)
2012 – 350ml for $27.99.99 (8 cents per ml)
21% price increase.

Norwex alternatives – what can you use instead of Norwex?

If you find that Norwex prices are feeling like a “Norwex Scam or Ripoff”, there are some great green cleaning alternatives out there that you can use instead:

1. e-cloth® cleaning system

This high-quality antibacterial microfiber has clear research to show it’s a great Norwex alternative. It picks up more than 99% of bacteria with just water, and a e-cloth® Professional Antibacterial Cloth with silver is at least $5 cheaper than a Norwex antibac cloth.

2. Shaklee natural cleaning products

Shaklee has been in the green cleaning business for more than 50 years, and they offer number of time-tested healthy cleaning products for very affordable prices.

Yes, Norwex products are great. They really work. But they’re not the only green cleaners on the block, and Norwex prices are outrageous in comparison to other green cleaning products that work just as well. It’s no wonder some people are talking about the idea of a Norwex Ripoff!

Norwex Prices & Norwex Products…

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Norwex has a great product that truly does what it promises.

But did you know that you can get the same quality of professional grade microfiber from e-cloth® for up to 1/2 the price!?!

It’s true,  E-cloth and Norwex both have a .13 denier fiber.  And both microfibers have an exceptional guarantee and will last you years.

Check out for great prices and products!

Norwex products are some of the best available on the market, BUT they are not the only ones with this exceptional quality of microfiber.  E-cloth can stand up to Norwex any day!

Whether you pay the high price for Norwex or the more affordable price for E-cloth, you will still be saving yourself a ton of money from not buying chemicals.  And you will be healthier from not inhaling those chemicals or getting the on your skin.

Truly – perfect cleaning with just water!  Faster, easier and simpler.

How Do Microfiber Cloths Like E-cloth (or norwex) Work?

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How Do E-Cloth (compare to norwex) Cloths Work?

The E-Cloth is the most simple, efficient and thorough way to clean your home, car or office.

Originally created for use in Swedish hospitals, the E-Cloth® is considered the premier non-chemical cleaning cloth in the U.K., receiving the coveted Green Product of the Year award from the prestigious U.K.-based Good Housekeeping Institute.

Using ONLY water, the E-Cloth® cleans in a superior way, with independent tests showing that it is highly efficient at removing bacteria from domestic surfaces.

How Does The E-Cloth Clean Better With Only Water?

Using only the highest grades of raw materials and a proprietary, state-of-the-art manufacturing process, the E-Cloth® is the result of technology that ”splits” and combines fiber (80% polyester, which attracts oil and grease; 20% polyamide, which attracts water) to create millions of tiny scrapers that cut through and capture dust, grime, oils, grease, and bacteria without scratching surfaces.

You’ve probably heard of microfiber, but E-Cloth® is in a class by itself, with these microfibers significantly tinier and working more effectively than any other microfiber commercially available. With a lifespan of 300+ laundry washes, the E-Cloth® is the ultimate green cleaning solution.

No chemical solvents polluting your home, no household cleaner waste polluting our air and waterways, no chance of irritation for those with allergies, auto-immune deficiencies, or chemical sensitivities.  Perfect solution for those who are pregnant, lactating and who have small children. 

For the best prices, go to and to get your 10-50% off discount, go to and get access to their Special Discounts only available to facebook fans!

side note:

Norwex Cloths work in the same way as e-cloth, Norwex prices are about double in price.  I vote for the less expensive, high quality e-cloth!

Here is an exploded view of the micro-fiber compared to the cotton-fiber:

microfiber vs cotton

Norwex, How Does It Stand Up To The E-Cloth Microfiber?

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Norwex Antibac cloths work great, but doesn’it feel like Norwex is a bit of a scam when they charge two or three times as much as E-Cloth?

Keep reading to discover the power of the E-cloth and get your today with Free Shipping!

Silliker research proves: E-cloth removes over 99% of bacteria. New research proves that using only water, E-cloths remove over 99% of bacteria, including E-coli and Listeria. E-cloth commissioned the internationally accredited Silliker Group to conduct research, which tested the cleaning power of water and E-cloths on hard surfaces, that had been contaminated with different common bacteria.

Using just water, the results showed that the cloths removed over 99% of bacteria, locking them away inside the cloths special fibers, where they stay until the cloths’ are rinsed. Further the tests showed that, after a rinse with warm water, E-cloths re-introduced just 0.01% of bacteria back onto a sterile surface. These results further enhance E-cloth’s already unrivalled reputation for water based cleaning.

Chemicals are not needed to remove thick grease, dirt, and bacteria from all around the home and surfaces are left sparkling, smear and lint free.

* Silliker: The leading food testing organization, with over 45 laboratories worldwide. Clients include Kraft Foods, Kelloggs, McDonalds and Carrefour.

* Silliker Study: To conduct detailed micro-biological research studies, to validate the effectivesness of using e-cloths on removing bacteria, using just water.