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What Cloth Products Are Similar To Norwex Products?

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What Cloth Products Are Similar To Norwex Products?

Glad you asked!  There are several “microfiber” products on the market.

We have done a comparison and the only product that is comparable to Norwex is the E-Cloth.

Actually, the E-cloth is considered by some a superior product over Norwex and several dollars cheaper!

The website: is the only website that carries the Professional Line.  The Professional Line has the silver embedded into the fibers to prevent the bacteria from multiplying within the cloth after you have cleaned a surface.  The Norwex Antibac Cloth is the Norwex version of the E-cloth Professional cloth.

The products in the Norwex catalog are priced 25 – 100% more expensive than the e-cloths on the the website.  For example the E-cloth mop is $40 and comparable mop from Norwex is about $100.  Both mops remove over 99% of all the bacteria from your hard surfaces.


Our Favorite E-Cloths | The Professional E-Cloth

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The Perfect Cleaning Solution


This is MyEcloth‘s #1 best seller.  And we know why :)

It will clean your home from top to bottom with only water.  E-Cloths clean better than chemicals and are cheaper than ‘green’ cleaners.

Your mirrors will shine like new, your windows will be smear free (even in the sunshine) and you’ll be able to see your reflection in  your stainless steel appliances.

These e-cloth work on all hard surfaces: granite, marble, glass, chrome, wood, plastic, metal, porcelain and even  vinyl and  leather.

Studies show that e-cloths remove over 99% of all bacteria from hard surfaces with just water.  Right now you are hoping that your chemicals are killing the bacteria upon contact (it doesn’t always work and chemicals are harmful to you, your children and pets).

E-cloth is different, it REMOVES the bacteria and you wash it out of the cloth, down the drain.

This revolutionary product has been used in Europe since 1995.

silver ecloths

Norwex Prices & Norwex Products…

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Norwex has a great product that truly does what it promises.

But did you know that you can get the same quality of professional grade microfiber from e-cloth® for up to 1/2 the price!?!

It’s true,  E-cloth and Norwex both have a .13 denier fiber.  And both microfibers have an exceptional guarantee and will last you years.

Check out for great prices and products!

Norwex products are some of the best available on the market, BUT they are not the only ones with this exceptional quality of microfiber.  E-cloth can stand up to Norwex any day!

Whether you pay the high price for Norwex or the more affordable price for E-cloth, you will still be saving yourself a ton of money from not buying chemicals.  And you will be healthier from not inhaling those chemicals or getting the on your skin.

Truly – perfect cleaning with just water!  Faster, easier and simpler.

How Do Microfiber Cloths Like E-cloth (or norwex) Work?

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How Do E-Cloth (compare to norwex) Cloths Work?

The E-Cloth is the most simple, efficient and thorough way to clean your home, car or office.

Originally created for use in Swedish hospitals, the E-Cloth® is considered the premier non-chemical cleaning cloth in the U.K., receiving the coveted Green Product of the Year award from the prestigious U.K.-based Good Housekeeping Institute.

Using ONLY water, the E-Cloth® cleans in a superior way, with independent tests showing that it is highly efficient at removing bacteria from domestic surfaces.

How Does The E-Cloth Clean Better With Only Water?

Using only the highest grades of raw materials and a proprietary, state-of-the-art manufacturing process, the E-Cloth® is the result of technology that ”splits” and combines fiber (80% polyester, which attracts oil and grease; 20% polyamide, which attracts water) to create millions of tiny scrapers that cut through and capture dust, grime, oils, grease, and bacteria without scratching surfaces.

You’ve probably heard of microfiber, but E-Cloth® is in a class by itself, with these microfibers significantly tinier and working more effectively than any other microfiber commercially available. With a lifespan of 300+ laundry washes, the E-Cloth® is the ultimate green cleaning solution.

No chemical solvents polluting your home, no household cleaner waste polluting our air and waterways, no chance of irritation for those with allergies, auto-immune deficiencies, or chemical sensitivities.  Perfect solution for those who are pregnant, lactating and who have small children. 

For the best prices, go to and to get your 10-50% off discount, go to and get access to their Special Discounts only available to facebook fans!

side note:

Norwex Cloths work in the same way as e-cloth, Norwex prices are about double in price.  I vote for the less expensive, high quality e-cloth!

Here is an exploded view of the micro-fiber compared to the cotton-fiber:

microfiber vs cotton

The Ecloth Mop | Mopping Floors Without Chemicals

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E-cloth mopping versus old-fashioned floor cleaning:You can clean all your hard floors (wood, granite, tile, linoleum) effectively without any chemicals.  By using E-cloth products you take no chances. No toxins. No fumes. No allergic reactions.Using just water, the E-cloth mop damp head uses modern fiber technology to penetrate and remove dirt, grease, oil, grime and bacteria from all floor surfaces. The mop head holds water without dripping, and cleans leaving only a light layer of water that quickly dries.

Easier, faster floor cleaning – having many more cleaning fibers per square inch than common mop heads, E-cloth removes more grime with each swipe, so floor cleaning is also faster and easier.

Safer, chemical-free cleaning – there are no harmful chemicals or fumes because E-cloth uses fiber function to clean – not a chemical reaction. That’s especially important to allergy and asthma sufferers. There’s also no chemical residue left behind – so children and pets that are at floor level aren’t exposed to them.  

Versatile floor cleaning – excellent on all flooring surfaces – vinyl, laminate, stone, ceramic, tile, hardwood, linoleum, concrete.

Money-Saving Cleaning – No cleaning chemicals to buy and the mop heads are durable and reusable.  E-cloth mop heads can be machine-washed over and over while still maintaining their cleaning performance (up to 100 machine-washings).

e-cloth mop

Order your E-Cloth Mop Set from

E-Cloth Professional Microfiber

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E-cloth professional

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General Purpose Cloth

  •  Removes thick grease, grime, dirt and bacteria using just water
  • Used dry, it works as a duster, due to its natural positive static charge
  • Available in green, blue, red & yellow
  • Size: 12.5” X 12.5”  Fiber weight (gms / sq meter): 380
  • Content: 80% polyester 20% polyamide  Absorption (Wt%): 698%

·   e-cloth® Scientifically Tested

·  e-cloths remove over 99% of bacteria from a surface using just water

·  10 wipe test showed bacteria transfer at 0.01% or less after 10 times transfer from contaminated surface

e-cloth bacterial removal test

Source:  Silliker Research, September 2010
  • · e-cloth® professional Features
  • ·Designed for cleaning — each fiber is 1/200th of the diameter of a human hair, almost 1,000X    smaller than cotton fibers
  • 1,243 miles of e-cloth fibers per cloth
  • 1.6 million e-cloth fibers per square inch each side of cloth
  • ·Each fiber is chemically split into 16 fiber strands
  • ·500 million fiber strands per cloth

e-cloth® vs. ordinary cleaning cloths

e-cloth® Professional Benefits

·Surfaces are cleaned so effectively that there is nowhere left for bacteria to grow

·Surfaces stay clean for longer

·Surfaces are totally smear and lint free

·Dirt and bacteria are locked into the cloth avoiding cross contamination

· e-cloths rapidly absorb up to 7 times their weight in water

· Long lasting e-cloths guaranteed for 1,000 washes

To find out more or to order your E-cloth Professional cloth, click here.

note: the “silver ecloth” professional line no longer has silver embedded

Norwex, How Does It Stand Up To The E-Cloth Microfiber?

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Norwex Antibac cloths work great, but doesn’it feel like Norwex is a bit of a scam when they charge two or three times as much as E-Cloth?

Keep reading to discover the power of the E-cloth and get your today with Free Shipping!

Silliker research proves: E-cloth removes over 99% of bacteria. New research proves that using only water, E-cloths remove over 99% of bacteria, including E-coli and Listeria. E-cloth commissioned the internationally accredited Silliker Group to conduct research, which tested the cleaning power of water and E-cloths on hard surfaces, that had been contaminated with different common bacteria.

Using just water, the results showed that the cloths removed over 99% of bacteria, locking them away inside the cloths special fibers, where they stay until the cloths’ are rinsed. Further the tests showed that, after a rinse with warm water, E-cloths re-introduced just 0.01% of bacteria back onto a sterile surface. These results further enhance E-cloth’s already unrivalled reputation for water based cleaning.

Chemicals are not needed to remove thick grease, dirt, and bacteria from all around the home and surfaces are left sparkling, smear and lint free.

* Silliker: The leading food testing organization, with over 45 laboratories worldwide. Clients include Kraft Foods, Kelloggs, McDonalds and Carrefour.

* Silliker Study: To conduct detailed micro-biological research studies, to validate the effectivesness of using e-cloths on removing bacteria, using just water.