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Scams – Is Norwex a Scam? Is E-Cloth a Scam?

So, you probably just got done seeing how the Norwex Enviro or Ecloth Microfiber works and are wondering if it is really true… right?


A friend is raving about how amazing these cloths are and you are skeptical that anything could clean better than cotton/bleach or windex/paper towels.

Here are some common questions I hear:

  • Is it really true that microfiber picks up and holds dirt, bacteria, and grease better than cotton?
  • Do high end microfibers like e-cloth and norwex really perform better than the regular ones in the supermarkets?
  • How is there silver in the fibers and why is that a good thing?

First let me say that Norwex is not a scam, neither is ecloth a scam. They are two different companies. Norwex is an MLM (meaning the distributors get paid on multi-levels of compensation). Norwex prices are higher than ecloth to help compensate for paying multiple people. Ecloth is a traditional style business, like a brick’n mortar business (store front style).

Ecloth has their regular line of cloths and a Professional line of cloths. The Professional line has the natural micro silver embedded into the fibers. Norwex also has these silver embedded cloths, they call them the Antibac Enviro Cloths. Ecloth guarentees their Professional line of cloths for up to 1,000 washes. That is many years worth of use! And, no, the silver does NOT wash out of the fibers. They are secure in the tiny fibers of the cloth, killing the bacteria that your cloth is picking up from your surfaces you are cleaning.

So, is it really true that these high quality microfibers really pick up and clean better than cotton cloths?

Yes,!  Click here to see a diagram, explaining how it works.

Do high end , better quality microfiber cloths like Norwes and Ecloth really work better than the cheap ones in the super markets, supply stores and Don Aslett?

YES!  Ecloths really do work better, last longer, clean faster, and are better made.  These cloths are thicker, sturdier and handle real cleaning jobs.  On the scientific level, the “Denier” is much finer.  If you are familiar with fibers, you will know that denier is the measurement of how thin or thick the fiber is before weaving it.  The finer the fiber, the more it can ‘scrub’ the surface and more cleaning power it has.

The ecloth fiber is 1/200th of the diameter of a human hair, almost 1,000 times smaller than cotton fibers.

Check out that diagram I mentioned to see a visual.

Silver in the cloths – does it really help?

Definitely.  The cloths with or without the silver will pick up 99% of all the bacteria and dirt on your surface.

Where the silver comes into play, is when that bacteria is now in your cloth, the silver will start to kill the microbes and bacteria and prevent more growth. When you don’t have bacteria growing in your cloth, it less likely to smell.  As soon as you rinse out your cloth in hot tap water, you will remove most of that dirt and bacteria.

Here is a video showing how the cloths work.  Hope this helps.


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  1. I love Norwex products. I started using them and am amazed!This information was very useful…

  2. I went to a Norwex party and bought the Multi purpose cloth and the glass cleaning cloth. Now I just move from room to room with the multipurpose cloth in hand and the glass cloth thrown over my shoulder. When I need to get the rag wet I just stop at the nearest sink and rinse and ring. I can’t really explain how much simpler it is and how much more likely I am to clean with this new system. I am so thankful to have a way to clean without chemicals.or even mixing homemade non toxic products.


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