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Are You Frustrated With Norwex Prices? Do They Feel Like A Scam?

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Everyone is wondering if Norwex is a scam and

WHY are the Norwex prices SO high…

The product really is amazing.  Removes over 99% of bacteria from your hard surfaces. The Antibac Norwex cloth has silver embedded into it’s fibers and cleans exceptionally well.

Did you catch the coupon code at the end?   Sah-weet deal!

So why are people feeling scammed?

Because their prices are SO high.

Below Are Some Examples Of The New Norwex Prices…

1. Silver Embedded

  • Norwex antibac cloth (with silver costs) $16.99.
  • Antibacterial cloth (Professional E-Cloths) over at MyEcloth costs $11.99. That’s a full $5 difference in price between two cloths that both do the same job of picking up more than 99% of bacteria with just water.

Norwex antibac cloth costs 42% more than an e-cloth® antibacterial cloth.  Is Norwex a ripoff? maybe…

2. Cleaning Paste

  • Norwex Cleaning Paste: costs $31.99 for 6.7 oz, which works out to $4.73 per oz.
  • Universal Stein, sold by e-cloth: costs $29.95 for 17 oz, which works out to $1.76 per oz.
  • Shaklee Scour-Off™ Heavy Duty Paste:  costs $8.10 for 9 oz, which works out to $0.90 oer oz. That’s a difference of $3.83 per oz between two products that do the same job! This means that for an equivalent 6.7 oz, you’re paying $25.66 more for Norwex.

Is Norwex a ripoff? maybe…

3. Detergent

  • Norwex sells a low-phosphate (3%) laundry detergent, and in 2011 it came in a 2kg bag for $29.99. That changed, and now it only comes in a 1kg bag for $21.99.

At first you thought that Norwex detergent is cheaper than before, but if you take into account the smaller bag size, the newer price for an equivalent 2kg of detergent is $43.98.
This is a 46.6% price increase. Is Norwex a ripoff? maybe…

4. Enzyme Cleaner

  • Norwex sells several very effective enzyme-based cleaners that have been repackaged in smaller bottles for 2012.

Again, the prices seem lower, but they have actually increased.
Is Norwex a ripoff? maybe….

DeScaler for Limescale and Rust
2011 – 500ml for $37.99 (7.6 cents per ml)
2012 – 350ml for $31.99 (8.6 cents per ml)
13% price increase.

Carpet Stain Buster
2011 – 500ml for $32.99 (6.5 cents per ml)
2012 – 350ml for $27.99.99 (8 cents per ml)
21% price increase.

Norwex alternatives – what can you use instead of Norwex?

If you find that Norwex prices are feeling like a “Norwex Scam or Ripoff”, there are some great green cleaning alternatives out there that you can use instead:

1. e-cloth® cleaning system

This high-quality antibacterial microfiber has clear research to show it’s a great Norwex alternative. It picks up more than 99% of bacteria with just water, and a e-cloth® Professional Antibacterial Cloth with silver is at least $5 cheaper than a Norwex antibac cloth.

2. Shaklee natural cleaning products

Shaklee has been in the green cleaning business for more than 50 years, and they offer number of time-tested healthy cleaning products for very affordable prices.

Yes, Norwex products are great. They really work. But they’re not the only green cleaners on the block, and Norwex prices are outrageous in comparison to other green cleaning products that work just as well. It’s no wonder some people are talking about the idea of a Norwex Ripoff!


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  1. So lets see your scientific testing posted here!! I have asked for more information from your people and no one ever returns my emails….great customer service!! Norwex has a, IMHO, better products that REALLY WORK and obviously better customer service, which still means something in todays world!! I don’t have time to go chasing down a company because they are too lazy to return emails….


      An independent study was performed on e-cloth® and here are the results. What other science are you looking for?

    • yeah well that response alone turns me off buying Norwex. Sounds very much like sour grapes and of course anything MLM is going to cost more – always has, always will. I guess you pay extra for the come to my home service and that’s fine if you need it. But don’t bag other companies or blogs that are giving an apples and apples comparison of products for consumers like me who are interested in buying but don’t want to pay exorbitant prices for something that can be bought cheaper elsewhere. “Branding” is a pricey component of any product. In the end I make up my own mind but dramatic rants like this leave me feeling you have to prove yourself and that sets my alarm bells ringing. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  2. Cleaninup Kate

    TAS, we meet again. You’re messages are always so hostile. I’m not sure who you’re trying to “contact” at e-cloth to get further information (you’ve insinuated a lack of response from e-cloth all over the web). You certainly have never asked me ( and it would appear that this is the first time you’ve contacted THIS blog for info. You say you don’t have time to chase down a company because they’re too lazy to return emails but you DO have time to add hostile comments on the blog of every person who isn’t selling what you’re selling (Yes, we all know you are a Norwex consultant).

    Obviously we’re not going to share production secrets, but information regarding the testing of e-cloth is widely available on the net and on most e-cloth websites. And before I made the switch from selling Norwex to selling e-cloth, I asked many questions. All of which were happily answered by e-cloth. So I’m really confused as to why you have not been able to get answers.

    Ask NICELY and ye shall receive.

    • Thanks Kate for the excellent response! All of us here at e-cloth are more than happy to answer any question (and we all do so in a very timely manner). TAS – both Norwex and E-cloth are excellent products. They both remove over 99% of all bacteria from the surface… so what’s the beef?

  3. I have both Norwex & Ecloth products (at this time, I am not a consultant for either & haven’t been in the past) I agree they are both excellent products. I use both the Norwex (earned through a home party) & Ecloth cloths. I really like the free shipping option available when I order Ecloth products. Norwex has some products that Ecloth doesn’t and Ecloth has some products that Norwex doesn’t offer. I agree some of Norwex prices do seem quite high. I just bought the Shaklee heavy duty cleaning paste as it was a much better price (+ 3 oz. more product) than Norwex. Kate has been extremely helpful answering all my questions about Ecloth & Norwex, she provides alot of info. on her blog. I’ve recommended both Norwex & Ecloth to friends & family.

  4. What kind of Silver is used in the E-cloth? Is it Nano or Micro Silver?

    • What is the difference between nano and micro? I thought they were the same…

      • Nano silver is a danger to our eco system in that it leeches out of the product and ends up back in the ocean (eventually) killing off bacteria that is needed to keep everything in balance and it also can leech onto your skin and cause Cancer. Micro silver doesn’t leech onto your skin doesn’t wash out into our water systems. So Before I purchase the Ecloth I need to know If there is Nano or Micro Silver in it?

    • E-cloth uses Micro Silver, woven right into the cloth. Some have expressed concern over health effects of silver agents, but e-cloth silver cannot be released from the cloth due to the weaving process. The cloth will wear out years later and still not release any silver. Rest easy, Heather, no silver into the environment!

  5. both Norwex & Ecloth products are excellent…

  6. Many of my friends sell Norwex products and all love it! I was very skeptical at first, but after using their cleaning products and even some of their beauty products, I am convinced that they work. I wish the prices weren’t so high though. If you want to know the truth about Norwex and if it is a scam, visit: http://norwexscam.con.

  7. Since both companies have products that do the same thing and the prices are so far apart, is there a difference in the quality and/or warranty?

    • Norwex and E-cloth have different prices because of their sales model. Norwex is an mlm/network marketing style, so they have to compensate the party host, the sales rep, and the upline. Several people get a piece of the “pie”. With E-cloth it is a simple retail model of buying wholesale and selling at retail.
      Both companies fully stand behind their products.


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