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E-Cloth Professional Microfiber

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E-cloth professional

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General Purpose Cloth

  •  Removes thick grease, grime, dirt and bacteria using just water
  • Used dry, it works as a duster, due to its natural positive static charge
  • Available in green, blue, red & yellow
  • Size: 12.5” X 12.5”  Fiber weight (gms / sq meter): 380
  • Content: 80% polyester 20% polyamide  Absorption (Wt%): 698%

·   e-cloth® Scientifically Tested

·  e-cloths remove over 99% of bacteria from a surface using just water

·  10 wipe test showed bacteria transfer at 0.01% or less after 10 times transfer from contaminated surface

e-cloth bacterial removal test

Source:  Silliker Research, September 2010
  • · e-cloth® professional Features
  • ·Designed for cleaning — each fiber is 1/200th of the diameter of a human hair, almost 1,000X    smaller than cotton fibers
  • 1,243 miles of e-cloth fibers per cloth
  • 1.6 million e-cloth fibers per square inch each side of cloth
  • ·Each fiber is chemically split into 16 fiber strands
  • ·500 million fiber strands per cloth

e-cloth® vs. ordinary cleaning cloths

e-cloth® Professional Benefits

·Surfaces are cleaned so effectively that there is nowhere left for bacteria to grow

·Surfaces stay clean for longer

·Surfaces are totally smear and lint free

·Dirt and bacteria are locked into the cloth avoiding cross contamination

· e-cloths rapidly absorb up to 7 times their weight in water

· Long lasting e-cloths guaranteed for 1,000 washes

To find out more or to order your E-cloth Professional cloth, click here.

note: the “silver ecloth” professional line no longer has silver embedded

41 responses »

  1. Kimberly Oberklaus

    Definitely want to try some e-cloth in the future!!

  2. Taya Rose-Marie Linville

    I would LOVE to try an E-Cloth! :) <3

  3. E-Cloth rocks! I love microfiber goodness!

  4. I LOVE E-CLOTHS because they work GREAT and are inexpensive! They are also environmentally friendly and eliminate the need for wasteful cleaning products.

  5. Rachel Spiers

    Really want to try e-cloth!!!!

  6. Lyndsay Holman

    I want an e-cloth to rid my house of summer germs!

  7. I really need this! I teach 3 preschool classes in my basement! I could really use help with cleaning and germs, so it’s not so toxic!! I really need E-Cloth :/ I would really like to try them!

  8. looking forward to using my E-CLOTH more in our new place. keep doubting how to use it!

  9. Love my E-CLOTHS!!

  10. If only I had oodles of ecloth’s!

  11. I love E-Cloth…I would like more

  12. E-cloth continually works miracles in our house. It’s enough to make you want to get stuff dirty ON PURPOSE, just so you can try cleaning some new mess ;)

  13. I want another e-cloth!

  14. I can’t wait to try my first E-CLOTH!

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE my E-Cloth!! Use it for everything!

  16. I would love to try this E-Cloth.

  17. E-cloths have changed the way I clean around the house!

  18. I would LOVE an E-Cloth!

  19. would love to try e-cloth!!

  20. Can’t wait to try E-cloth

  21. I want an E-Cloth!

  22. My friends and I love the E-cloths, especially for doing windows. Love the polishing cloths! I love them so much that I bought them for my friends and my daughters!

  23. I clean houses for a living and used my first E-Cloth on the customers windows, it was amazing and the polish cloth worked wonders…no streaks only using water.

    • Thanks for sharing! We have several customers who clean houses for a living and LOVE E-CLOTHS because they clean faster and better, giving them more time to clean more!

  24. I love cleaning with myy E-Cloth; they make cleaning so easy, and the results are fantastic almost like you’ve been cleaning all day with very little effort. Thansks E-Cloth!!

  25. Elizabeth Pumphrey

    I love E-Cloth for Many reasons: my LITTLE kids can help me clean – no spills, no chemicals to worry about, just water and the E-cloth. I can clean most anything with them. They come in many different fun colors – which my kids love!
    The window / mirror polish cloth is AMAZING!
    My glass top stove is SO hard to clean – but cleans up simple and easy with E-cloth!

  26. Christine Rushing

    I would love to win an e-cloth!

  27. Please send an E-cloth my way! I already have a few and LOVE them! The mop is great too – makes quick work of hard floors!

    I have more uses than Ecloths, so even just one more would help lessen the load of the others.

    By the way, for any skeptics: spread a stove-top or counter with butter or grease. Wipe with a wet Ecloth. Touch the just cleaned surface & be AMAZED! Also, dampen a polishing cloth, then wipe down a mirror or window. Allow to dry to a STREAK-FREE SHINE!

    The best part? Safe to use on toddlers!!!

  28. E-Cloths are amazing in their performance and just use plain water…

  29. I’m wondering if you know the fiber weight and content percentages of competitive products as well? I own both e-cloth and norwex- both seem to “pick-up” really well.


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